MHM Music: Piano & Voice Lessons

MHM Music, LLC is my music lesson business. I teach at Calliope Music Studios on Mondays, and give in-home lessons in the Park Hill and Stapleton neighborhoods Tuesday-Friday. I teach beginning-intermediate piano, and all levels of voice.

I’ve contracted with fellow teacher Daniel Mullens to offer piano lessons past the intermediate level.

I love helping students reach their musical goals and become independent musicians. I’ve  prepared students for successful entry into the Colorado Children’s Chorale, the Denver School of the Arts, and college voice programs. I welcomes all levels of students in most genres–from “tone-deaf to diva,” and teaches classical, music theater, and popular music. The only thing I doesn’t teach is the death-metal “growl!”

Voice Lessons Include:

  • Pitch Matching (for beginners–how to “carry a tune”)
  • Basic Piano (if student plays no other instrument)
  • Vocal Technique & Exercises
  • Note Reading & Sight-Singing
  • Audition & Performance Preparation
  • Coaching & Interpretation
  • Vocal Diction for Classical Music (Italian, German, French)
  • Music Theory

I teach by the semester: Fall, Spring, & Summer, and have recitals near the end of the Fall and Spring semesters. I’m looking into making more summer performance opportunities.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful student recital last May! This summer, students who are enrolled for the semester will participate in MHM Music’s first-ever Virtual Recital! Stay tuned!

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